Feb 01 2019


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for the first sign to be sure it’s puppies in Maggans stomach.

Yes, finally we can look forward to have a litter again! The last one – our K-litter- was born 8 years ago so it’s really time….

Father to be is MultiCh O’Zone Sandman

Sandy - MultiCh O'Zone Sandman

Sandy 2019

I meet Sandy first time when I was in Crotia in June 2016 to pick up Maggan from Anita and Zeljko Radic, Kennel Lacrima Christi. And since then he has been on my mind as a perfect match for Maggan – SEUCh Lacrima Christi Cradle oflove.


Here we are – this is a fantastic memory when Maggan won the Group 4/6 at NDS in Stockholm only 18 months old!

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  1. Monica Engman.on 02 Feb 2019 at 8:22 f m

    Håller tummarna för att det blir valpar! En riktigt snygg hane.

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