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Maj 28 2019

We have one puppy for sale!

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Due to a late cancellation ”Pricken” or Ace of Spades Locomotion is looking for his new good home. He has lot of spots and a friendly, sweet character. He is used to go with the car and walk really nice in the leash :-)

Pricken o Maggan

Together with his mum Maggan and brother Bruno in the background.

Pricken 11 v mini

The tail is missing :-) but he has a very nice, spotted tail!

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Maj 07 2019

First puppy has leave……

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Today our firstborn boy Ace of Spades Let’s Dance moved to his new home – Good Luck with him Tommie and Linaa!

Last nap with mum

A last nap together with mum Maggan

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Maj 01 2019

Puppy training!

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Uno och dammsugare

First puppy to check out the vacuum cleaner was, of course, our firstborn boy :-)

Valpar och dammsugare

And here are the other except Laleh, the girl. She didn´t care at all :-)

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