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Apr 20 2019

Our barbecue man

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Barbecue Master Uno 2

All our puppies has interests – black boy ”Uno” find the barbecue today and seems to like it!

Wonderful day with nice visits from friends and future puppybuyers. So much easier to have the puppies outside in the sun :-)

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Apr 16 2019

5 weeks today

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And they have been out for the first time. It has been to could but today the sun shine and all puppies really enjoy the new playground.

5 weeks in the sun 2

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Apr 14 2019

Nice visit today

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Julia, grandchild/niece, was here with her boyfriend Anton. Of course they took a lot of photos and have a nice cuddle with the puppies.

Julia o nr 1

Nr 5. Viktor

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Apr 13 2019

3 sleeping, beautiful boys.

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Bruno, pricken o Uno 2

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Apr 10 2019

Finally stacked pictures.

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All puppies has been on the table trying to take nice Pictures :-) not easy but we did a good try, anyway…
You can see the results her – they are nearly 4 weeks old.

Nr 1

Boy nr 1

Nr 2

Boy nr 2

Nr 3

Boy nr 3

Nr 4

Boy nr 4

Nr 5

Boy nr 5

Nr 6

Boy nr 6



The girl

Next week we hope for better cooperation with the camera and pupps… Also to find the missing tails :-)
We will also try to take pictures of their heads soon

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Apr 01 2019

Ny sida!

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Längst upp på startsidan kommer vi uppdatera våran L-Kull regelbundet :-)

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